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Who is [Generation Z]? We're about to find out ...

Download the complete infographic at

Download the complete infographic at

In my little Generational Theory rabbit hole (if I've never invited you in, give me a minute or sixty sometime and I'll take you on a journey ...), the world has been abuzz for years about Millennials. They're the latest generation we love to hate.

But not for long! "Those darn kids" is about to shift in meaning from Millennials to the generation following Millennials, identified with a temporary placeholder name, [Generation Z]. 

If you've been to one of my workshops on generational theory or intergenerational ministry, you may have noticed that I don't yet present on [Generation Z]. Thus far, the oldest [GenZ]-ers are just beginning to enter college, depending on who is estimating the date range. 

They don't yet know who they are developmentally; it's very difficult to consider generalizing about a generation who isn't even yet old enough to vote! 

But now, there's something coming soon that has me more nerdily excited than a Doctor Who Christmas Special ... 

On Tuesday, January 23, Impact 360 and Barna will release the results of the first official research done on this generation. It's really the generational theory equivalent to the release of a new Harry Potter book, so to say the least I am excited! 

If you're interested in hearing about this firsthand with all us GT nerds, you can sign up to view the simulcast here

Afterward, I plan to host some conversation over on my Facebook Page about what they present. I hope you'll come and nerd out with me!