Rev. Melissa Cooper

Organizations & Ministries


I'm proud to be an Associate with Vibrant Faith. In addition to coaching, Vibrant Faith offers a variety of other opportunities and resources for ministry leaders and congregations, including the Visual Faith Project, Leading Well training, and the Vibrant Faith Institute. I chose to be a part of this team because they have been an important resource for me over the last few years as I researched, studied and explored what intergenerational faith formation and intergenerational communities look like. There's no better resource organization out there. 

GenOn Ministries is one of my favorite resource organizations. Not only do they produce quality resources and programs, like their flagship LOGOS program or their weekly lectionary-based Family 'Round the Table resource, but GenOn "gets it." They want to do what's best for churches and people, and they have embraced the idea that intergenerational ministry is it, and they're creating the best resources out there to help your church do just that.

The InterGenerate Conference's next event will be in 2019. You will want to be there! This is the only event that focuses on the whole intergenerational church. While many "intergenerational" events and workshops look at this idea as an age-level ministry issue, InterGenerate realizes this is all about whole-church leadership. I am proud to serve on leadership and as a speaker for this event - see you there in 2019!