Rev. Melissa Cooper


Let's make a plan.


Let's make a plan.

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Looking for new ideas? Need a knowledgeable outsider's perspective to help you make a plan for a new ministry or program? Let me help you evaluate, dream and create the next steps for your ministry programs.

I am able to work in a variety of focus areas, and my specialty is intergenerational culture-building, so whether you want to take a look at your whole church's programs or structure, or just focus on one area (like worship) or age level (like adults), my perspective will always seek to develop programs, systems and structures that foster intergenerational relationships and culture in your community.

Research shows us that intergenerational culture is a key factor in a missional, committed church for all ages. How we structure our church, how we choose our curriculum and how we vision our programs all matter in developing lifelong discipleship

So, how about it? Let's be sure you're not trying to fix what isn't broken, and let's develop a plan for the future.

My Strengths


Finding patterns and developing new methods


Utilizing differences to create the best team


Bringing ideas into reality and taking action


Building on strengths to get better and faster results


What clients are saying ...

"We asked Rev. Cooper to come be a 'secret shopper' at our worship services ... She presented her critique in a very positive way giving affirmations as well as giving suggestions. Her opinion was important as a church seeking to have vision for connecting younger generations. She has a passion for reaching all generations. I have found her consultations very meaningful and practical. She explains ‘the why' and doesn’t just suggest changes for change sake. I highly recommend Rev. Cooper as a consultant who has your church’s best interest at heart."

- Rev. Dave Baldridge, Senior Pastor, Palm Harbor UMC
Palm Harbor, Florida