Rev. Melissa Cooper

Areas of Focus

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Intergenerational Ministry

Did you know that spiritual growth requires interaction between generations? Did you know each of the young people in your church NEEDS at least 5 adults to be in relationship with them? The future of the church depends on our ability to bring generations together in faith formation. I can help you with all aspects of intergenerational culture-building within your church and community. From worship to small groups, intentional intergenerational discipleship will become the foundation of your congregation. 

Cross-Cultural Communication

Our communities are becoming more diverse every day. Learning how to communicate across difference is one of the most important skills we can offer our leaders and congregations. It is an essential part of engaging both our communities within and without of the church. Let me share concrete practices with your leaders to develop competency in bridging difference across all variable - sex, gender, race, ethnicity, generation, etc.

Generational Theory

It's great to bring generations together programmatically, but it doesn't mean they'll talk to each other. Generational theory and cross-generational communication resources can take your intergenerational program from "just" a fun evening to an experience that will transform your congregation far beyond the event itself. Let me help individuals better understand their generational characteristics and utilize tools to improve cross-generational communication.

Worship & Liturgy

Creating worship spaces and experiences that are inclusive of all ages and generations is essential. Many of our church and worship models have driven us away from all-ages worship, and to a worship style that is exclusive of certain learning styles and life stages. I can help you adapt your current worship experience to be more inclusive, or help you dream up a brand new worship format that includes all of God's children.

Camps and Retreats

The camp and retreat experience can be a game-changer for your ministry. Ensure your camp and retreat experience is influential beyond the week or weekend with my help. With more than a decade of experience in camp and retreat ministry at five different sites, I can assist both camps/retreat centers and churches seeking to develop camp or retreat programs, whether at your church or at a camp or retreat center. 



Ever had a cringeworthy teambuilding experience? Forced fun and debriefing that left much to be desired? If your teambuilding experiences have been more cliche than community-building, let me show you a better way. With more than a decade of experience in camp and retreat ministry, understanding how to build community and foster healthy communication is a key part of my ministry. Let's make it a part of yours, too.

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