Rev. Melissa Cooper


Let's work it out together.


Let's work it out together.


As a Vibrant Faith Associate, my coaching practice is backed by the best research and resources available for faith formation and ministry transformation.

I believe coaching is the most effective way for ministries and their leaders to become all they can be. Chances are, you're doing what you're doing because you're good at it. Coaching is about maximizing the potential you and your ministry already have.  

Together, we will work toward key outcomes with a consistent lens on faith-forming culture and systems that lead to vibrant faith. I utilize a variety of models and have a variety of focus areas, so contact me to discuss what's the right option for you.


About Vibrant Faith

"We’re generating adaptive change in Christian faith formation alongside curious leaders who seek to change the church, and change the world."

So why coaching?

  • Coaching is about asking the right questions, at the right time, with the right people as we align ourselves with God’s dreams for the world.

  • Coaching helps people discover “what is” and “what might be.” It celebrates bright spots, focuses on the strengths, and draws upon people's wisdom.

  • Coaching assists individuals and churches anticipate the future, build bridges to a better future and do what matters every day.

  • Coaching equips leaders to test their assumptions, learn from their results and apply information in new, creative ways to get better results.

  • Coaching moves people beyond complacency and feeling stuck. It moves leaders beyond a "good enough" mindset to one that calls forth new possibilities for themselves, their church and their community.

My Areas of Expertise

Intergenerational Ministry
Intergenerational Culture-building
Cross-Cultural Communication
Camp and Retreat Programming & Administration
Intergenerational & Family Camping
Worship & Liturgy


My Strengths


Finding patterns and developing new methods


Building on strengths to get better and faster results


Bringing ideas into reality and taking action


Work hard, possess stamina, like to be productive


Utilizing differences to create the best team